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  1. Hi Sue, Just had a lovely visit from Kathy, Tom and the children who have been on holiday this week not far away. It was really great to see them and Sherry and Sophie struck up their old friendship again as if it was yesterday when they last met up! We al trooped down to Mousehole and the kids had fun on the beach and, of course, pasties and ice-cream!

    So sorry to hear you’re not well though Sue and are going through all this and waiting for a donor. What a torment especially for one with your energy and spirit.
    We all have such fond memories of that holiday in Mallorca, it was so special and made even more so by your kindness and hospitality.

    Anyway keep your pecker up, and thinking of you and sending all love and strength,

    Edwina, Roger, April and Sherry. xxxx


  2. Hello Sue,

    Reading your blog has enabled me to understand the other side of the situation. I recently donated, last week in fact, something that I have been wanting to do for several years. So I was thrilled to have been able to donate.

    From my perspective, donating was a breeze. I give blood too so for me it was a longer version of that really, with a comfy bed to lie on whilst my blood was flowing, and so I’d do it again tomorrow.

    It’s taken for granted our health until it goes wrong. I have no idea what it’s like to be in your position, none of us do unless we experience what you’re experiencing, so as a recent donor, I’m very keen indeed to spread the word that more people should register and donate their stem cells.

    Anthony Nolan have been fantastic and made donating a pleasure actually. I can’t recommend them enough and in fact will be speaking to them about spreading the word in my county.

    I hope you find a matching donor soon Sue.

    Nick Jeins


  3. Fantastic news that you’ve got a match. I’m waiting for a donor. There are 6 million more donors than 3 years ago and my husband tells me that’s a 30% extra chance of finding a donor. Ethnic minorities are particularly difficult to find donors for, Jewish, Indian subcontinent etc. Anthony Nolan are holding an event in parliament on 15th July. I know you aren’t a parliamentarian but is there any way you could ‘muscle I’m on this? Why aren’t blood donors automatically asked.?

    I’m so pleased for you.

    Kind regards


  4. My Dearest Sue ! Rest in Peace! you need the peace after so many struggles. We shall all miss you and you will always be in our heart! You were a champion so many times in your life! So many people should learn so much from you ! You will be a star in the sky which we look at in the clear nights! It is so hard for us to say FAREWELL OUR DEAR FRIEND! You will keep being in our praers and thoughts ! Betty and the four you loved so much(Georgiana, Diana, Albert, Marcel)


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